Foodaholics, this one’s for you!

No trip is complete unless we dive into the awesomeness of the countries’ local cuisine or the famous food hot spots. Authentic destination food, is the key to come close to the country’s culture & its people.

Now! Sit back, relax & grab a big virtual bite of some most famous Russian food spots that Wishcover is about to uncover for the all the food lovers reading this.

A little warning before reading this article! It may increase your sugar temptation and a few of your calories too.

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Wildlife frontiers with the Big Five; Kenya!

The Luscious green landscape, fresh air filled with the aroma of vibrant, flamboyant, colorful culture and exotic diverse wildlife. The World of enthralling wildlife safaris, national parks, beautiful landscapes, and valleys, Welcome To Kenya! It is a pure visual paradise for travel nomads who love to discover breathtaking wildlife views and impressive landscapes. A journey to Kenya will leave you thrilled and mesmerized.

Reading above will definitely urge you to plan a trip to Kenya. So, It’s time to wake your inner Tarzan folks!

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Murmansk: Witness Nothern Lights, Nature’s Mystical Phenomena

The Murmansk city located on the Kola Peninsula has a gallant and rich historical past. It is the largest city behind the polar circle. It was born after the First World War and awarded as the rank of Hero-City for their opposition against the German armed forces. It has a population of about 375 thousand persons. Yes! Just 375 thousand people! It is one of the coldest cities of the world but has ice-free ports because of the North Atlantic current that gives its warmth toward the north shore of the Kola Peninsula. This city is filled with statues, museums, and memorials; Each narrating its own fable and Not to forget, Murmansk is popularly famous for Beautiful Northern Lights. People around the world come to Murmansk especially to witness this extraordinary phenomenon.

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Sri Lanka, Sand, and Swimsuits Await!

Picture yourself building a sand castle on the striking golden seashores of Sri Lanka or earning tan lines on the beautiful serene white beaches with salty breeze and sandy toes.

Witness ten different species of whales along with friendly dolphins while enjoying whale watching expedition in Sri Lanka.

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The Beauty of Russia – Untouched Beauty, New Destinations

The largest country in the world, Russia offers an array of travel experiences and tourist destinations. The country has something for everyone. From snow-capped mountains to the deepest and oldest lakes, from modern cities to the old countryside, Russia has some of the most beautiful spots to visit. Russia draws a large number of tourists from all around the world. But the largest country in the world has some hidden gems, known only to the locals. These unexplored and undiscovered places will surely take your breath away.

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Electrifying Party Islands in Europe

Top Party Island Destinations Europe

Some of the world’s craziest parties are wild, zaniest, electrifying, thrilling and once-in-a-lifetime occasion. You are taking a short break from the confines of the real world. It needs to be a memorable experience for everyone, right?

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A Solo Traveller’s Manifesto: Places You Must Go

One fine day, you get up totally worked out and detached from the world around us decide, you need a much-needed break. And this one isn’t a group of known friends or our beloved families, but with oneself. Just the place and you!

On a first impression, divergent ‘Solo Travelling’ might sound, but once you step out and witness the moon shine on the other side; there is no such first-hand & a personal experience as this one.

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Best River Rafting Places in India for Adventure Seekers

If you have a bucket list or love to taste the adrenaline rush right through your pulses, you probably would have tried or would love to try river rafting. This outdoor recreation water sport has gained immense popularity over the past few years in India with the Indian millennials all out to experience the yet to be experienced.

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Most Charming Himachal Pradesh cafes to enlighten your Insta Feed!

How about sitting with a cup of hot chocolate, serene views of snow-capped Himalayas on one side, and colour spirited painted walls on the other? Isn’t it captivating enough to post on insta pic!?!

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If you ask me the truest interpretation of rains as an Indian, I would shout out “Monsoons in India means freshly-made hot pakoras with a cup of garam masala chai sitting in the balcony, relishing mesmerizing falling rain drops along with breathing in the fragrance of the wet soil.”