Electrifying Party Islands in Europe

Top Party Island Destinations Europe

Some of the world’s craziest parties are wild, zaniest, electrifying, thrilling and once-in-a-lifetime occasion. You are taking a short break from the confines of the real world. It needs to be a memorable experience for everyone, right?

What better way to make memories than on an Island in Europe partying your heart away till the sun comes up?

Wishcover brings to you some of Europe’s enchanting party destinations. This list of “Top Party Island Destinations Europe” will leave you spellbound. We promise you, you wouldn’t want to leave the invigorating parties and come back. Moreover, new content for at least the next 3 months for your Instagram and Snapchat profile. Isn’t that a rocking deal?

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Let your photos do the talking while you plunge into a thrilling experience at these party places.

1. Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza, Spain - party destinations in Europe

The list of party destinations in Europe always begins with this hedonistic, insane party place- IBIZA. Ibiza is one of the Top Party Island Destinations – Europe. The party capital of the world, Ibiza offers wild and thrilling party events with rich and famous world-renowned DJ’s hosting a gathering of people.

You can either choose to stay in the diverse and sophisticated Ibiza Town or head to where the real action is – San Antonio where the drinks are cheaper and the parties go on for much longer.

Ibiza is a huge jamboree with loud and crazy EDM and people dancing like there’s no tomorrow. If you think of yourself as a wild, party animal then Ibiza is the party destination you should be heading to!.

2. Santorini, Greece

Santorini is a heaven for people who love to party on the beach

Santorini is literally much more than those spectacular and magnificent, awe-inspiring romantic islands. It’s not just limited to the blue and white painted villages built on cliffs over the sea.

In fact, Santorini is a heaven for people who love to party on the beach, for folks who enjoy a cocktail in one hand and grooving to the music like tranquility knows no bounds. Unwinding the party culture, this nomad party place is a perfect “hippy party destination” where a combination of alcohol and sand keeps you moving.

3. Ayia Napa, Cyprus

Ayia Napa is an ecstasy to parties

Ayia Napa is an ecstasy to parties you couldn’t have imagined. This party hoarder island hosts a miscellany party which means you can choose the type of party you would want to visit. From beach parties to foam parties, pool parties, boat parties, paint parties, and bar crawls – oh, there’s so much to enjoy!

The nightlife here has a wide range of clubs, discos, and pubs suiting the taste and drama of diverse party loving people. The party culture in Ayia Napa never seizes to halt but instead blooms into a paradise where imagination could never reach.

4. Malta

Malta - famous party island

The nightspots in Malta offer a vivacious range of clubbing options to match the zeal and taste of all party owls. The island has evolved and become a youthful destination of the party that never sleeps.

Party animals are spoilt for choices because the party circuits in Malta are high on energy even in the remotest location. This sailing party island is famous for tremendously loud and electrifying music giving the perfect crazy party vibe that invites even the non-clubbing peeps to the dance floor.

5.Pag, Croatia


Pag- quite famously known as Croatia’s Ibiza, the ultimate party destination with the finest, trendiest and most entertaining clubs and parties of all kind. This island majorly attracts insane party lovers because it hosts parties that blurs your vision for tomorrow leaving you spellbound and re-defines your notion of the party.

The high-end sound system, famed DJ’s with psychedelic music and the cheap beer gets you grooving to your favourite moves.

Let’s seize the day (and the nights!) in the islands of Europe, shall we?

Picture Credit : Tui, Travel Triangle, Pic Fair

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